The Resource Database contains a comprehensive listing of health and human services available in Summit County and Wadsworth. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information. However, Info Line, Inc., cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information or the services delivered.

The Resource Database has two different search methods:

    1. Name Search
    2. Keyword Search

This Help section discusses each of the search methods, as well as, information for working with search results.


Agency Name Search

If you know the name of the agency or program you are looking for, this search is the fastest easiest way to find it. The Agency Name search lets the user search for a specific agency name, program name, or site name.

      Tip: Before you start a search press "Clear Search Criteria." This ensures that you are starting with a clean slate.

  1. Type in the name (or portion of the name) of the agency or program you want to find. Press the "Go To Step 2" graphic.

    Tip: You do not need to enter all of the name you are looking for. The Agency Name search looks for all agency, program and site names that contain the exact words you entered. In some cases you will get better results by using fewer words. For example, by entering the word "travel" you can find Travel ers Aid Society.

    Tip: The Agency Name search looks for matches that contain the exact words you type. For example, if you type in "Urban League of Summit County" you will not find it because the name in the Resource Database may be Summit County Urban League, Inc. (The word "of" does not appear in the name.) In this case, it would be better to find this agency by just using the words "Urban League."

  2. A list of agencies, programs, or sites with names that match the word(s) you choose will appear. The matching words will be displayed in blue text.
  3. Review the list and select the agency you want. Press Explore! next to the agency name. The information for that agency will appear.

      Narrowing your search: If you know that the agency or program for which you are searching is offered at several different locations throughout the county and you want to find one in a particular area, use the Advanced Search Option. The Advanced Search Option lets you narrow your search to find the agency or program that serves a particular area or the agency or program that is located in a particular area (i.e., an agency might be located in Akron, but serve county wide). You can narrow your search by using City or Zip Codes.

  1. An Agency Overview for the agency you selected will appear. This contains information about the administrative functions of the agency, such as the address for the agency’s main site and a brief description of the agency’s overall focus. Also listed are all the different sites where the agency has offices and the services that are offered at each site. Review the list of sites and programs and select the program for which you want more information. (See Search Results for more information.)


Keyword Search

The Keyword Search allows the user to search for agencies that provide a particular service.

      Tip: Before you start a search, press "Clear Search Criteria." This ensures that you are starting with a clean slate.

  1. Enter the keyword(s) you want to use. When you use two or more keywords, the database will search for service terms that contain all the words you entered. For example, if you are searching for Emergency Food, the database will look for services providing emergency and food (not emergency or food).
  2. Press the "Find Now" graphic
  3. The database will search for all service terms that contain the words you used and display a list of Service Search Matches.

    For example, if you are searching for Emergency Food the Service Search Matches would be:

          Occasional Emergency Food Assistance 

          Ongoing Emergency Food Assistance

          Emergency Food

  1. Review the list of Service Search Matches and select the term that most closely describes the service for which you are searching. Click on the Service Search term for a list of Agencies providing that service.

    Tip: If your search returns the message "No Services Found," or inappropriate matches try changing the keywords you are using. For example, if you had a client who was ordered by the court to perform community service. To find the agency that client should contact you might search for Community Service. However, this would not result in the matches you want. Instead, you could search for Court Referral and this would bring up the appropriate terms.

  2. After you have selected the Search Options to use, press the "Go To Step 4" graphic.
  3. A list of agencies that provide the service (and the different sites that offer the service) you are looking for will appear. Review the list and select the appropriate agency and site. Press "Click Here for Additional Information!" next to the agency name.
  4. Information for that agency/program will appear. (See Search Results for more information.)


Info Line does not endorse any agency. We simply provide information as a public service.

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