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Project Connect

Empowering nonprofits to serve more people through technology and connectivity ...


Project Connect helps nonprofit organizations to better serve their mission through technology and connectivity. Our focus is on upgrading technology capabilities and utilizing resources more effectively, resulting in stronger organizations which can serve more people with more services.  We provide easy, affordable access to equipment and software, training, technical assistance, and website management.

Visit the Project Connect web site at www.pclivehelp.org for more information.


The Nonprofit Advantage

Project Connect’s unique niche of nonprofit expertise differentiates it from other enterprises. We have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the sector and have a history of providing viable solutions to nonprofits of all sizes and missions.

Nonprofits value Project Connect’s first-hand knowledge of how they function. We understand how nonprofits are managed, how they get their funding, and what processes they have to go through to get projects implemented. We work with their system: providing proposals that focus on how improvements will impact mission, meeting with board members, answering questions from funders, and more.


Project Connect has earned a reputation in the nonprofit community as a valuable resource for technology planning and implementation, providing direct services to an average of 200 nonprofits per year.



Project Connect will be the first point of contact for all technology needs in the Ohio nonprofit community.



By focusing on providing underlying infrastructure and capacity building, Project Connect’s programs improve service delivery, business operations, and mission fulfillment so that the stronger, more capable nonprofits can serve more clients


About Project Connect


Project Connect was founded in 1998 to address the technological and connectivity needs of non-profit organizations. The project’s primary goal is to assist area non-profit organizations in upgrading their technology capabilities and utilizing their resources more effectively, resulting in stronger organizations which can serve more people with more services.

As a TechAtlas partner, Project Connect works with nonprofits throughout the state of Ohio to develop and utilize technology to improve the efficiency of service delivery, streamline business operations, and further mission fulfillment.

Project Connect is currently developing a comprehensive business model to strengthen the program's infrastructure and keep service fees affordable for participating nonprofits. Click here for the summary of the impact and market analysis.


What We Do


  • Technology Management Support
  • Project Consulting
  • Hands-On Software Training
  • Technical Support Hotline
  • Updates
  • Nonprofit Resource Clearinghouse
  • Online Community Building
  • Training Room Rentals
  • Specialized Research Information
  • Website & Email Hosting
  • Broadcast Emails
  • Curricula Subscription Program
  • Remote Network Services
  • Equipment Rentals


Project Consulting

  • Technology Process Improvement Assessments & Technology Plans

  • Develop a database

  • Develop a website

  • Develop templates (e.g., letterhead, memos, etc.)

  • Study staff efficiency and make recommendations

  • Troubleshoot problem computers

  • Assist getting internet access and e-mail

  • Train in-house training staff


Visit www.pclivehelp.org for more information about Project Connect.


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