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MedAssist can help uninsured individuals who live or work in Summit County to access prescription medications. The program can:

  • Pay for an emergency supply of medications that treat critically life-threatening illnesses or for antibiotics. MedAssist can help with up to $50 in a calendar year.
  • Help clients to apply for free or low-cost medications for any drug available through the drug companies. MedAssist can help complete the necessary applications and obtain the required information from the individual's doctor.
  • Direct individuals to local free or reduced cost medical care.

Call MedAssist at (330) 762-0609 for more information.

Please note: MedAssist cannot assist in all situations.

For example, MedAssist cannot:

  • Pay for medical bills of any kind
  • Provide medical treatment
  • Pay for medications that treat mental health, pain, stomach, bowel, allergy or arthritis.

In order to be eligible for MedAssist, you must:

  • Live or work in Summit County
  • Have no prescription coverage of any kind
  • Meet the income requirements below:


Family Size

Monthly Gross Household Income

Yearly Gross Household Income



















For each additional person, add $318 per month or $3,820 per year


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