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Technology Management Series: Strategy & Proposal Writing

Foundation Center News: Proposal Writing Basics & Spotlight on Human Services Giving

Free Grants Newsletter

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Grantseeking Strategy & Proposal Writing for Technology
Presented by Marc Osten, Summit Collaborative

October 25, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
r 26, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Click here to register: https://infolineinc.org/connect/registerevent.htm

Project Connect's Technology Management Series continues with "Grantseeking Strategy & Proposal Writing for Technology." It will be presented by Marc Osten the afternoon of October 25th and all day October 26th. Attendance is limited to the first 30 registrations.

The workshop will be presented in three parts:

  • Funding your Information Communication Technology Needs
    Thursday, October 25th, 1:00 – 4:00
    • Identifying Information Communication Technology needs/priorities
    • Identifying the total cost & budget of Information Communication Technology ownership
    • Developing your case statement
  • Grantwriting Skills and Strategy for Information Communication Technology
    Friday, October 26th, 9:00 – Noon
    • Mapping a funding strategy
    • Preparation of the grant
    • The pitch

We will provide box lunches for all attendees for the break at noon.

  • Individual mini-consults with attendees while others observe
    Friday, October 26th, 1:00 – 4:00

Marc is founder of the Summit Collaborative in Amherst, MA, an organization that provides research, program development, and management support to foundations, nonprofit networks and associations. He began his career in the nonprofit sector in the early 1980s as a peace and environmental activist. He was part of the first wave of nonprofit activists to use the Internet in the 1980's while he was at Greenpeace and the national organization of the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs). In the 1990s he attained his masters in education and worked as an educator and teacher trainer. Since then, he focused on building Summit Collaborative and spending most of his time working as an organizational development strategist, builder of learning communities and collaborations, author, and provocateur. He recently launched a successful Internet publishing venture, Dot Org Media and developed an innovative change management program for nonprofits and executives, Strategic Technology. He is a member of the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (N-TEN) and serves in various other leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and networks.

The cost for this entire workshop is $150. Attendees must agree to attend all three sessions to avoid needless repetition of content for others. It will be held at Info Line (703 S Main St #211, Akron OH; directions). Click here to register: https://infolineinc.org/connect/registerevent.htm.



Free Proposal Writing Basics Course from the Foundation Center

Thursday, September 13, 10:00 am – 12 noon
Akron-Summit County Public Library 60 S. High Street Meeting Room 2AB

Are you confused about the abc’s of proposal writing? Join us to learn the basic components of writing a proposal to win a grant from a private foundation. Presented by a staff member of the Foundation Center-Cleveland, class will also include the fundamentals of creating the budget necessary to accompany your proposal.

To register, email or call 330-643-9040.


Spotlight on Human Services Grantmaking in Ohio (2005)

The Foundation Center-Cleveland has published online its report of 2005 human services grantmaking. The report includes statistical charts and data based on the Center’s annual grants sample, and a mini-directory of selected Ohio funders.

The Foundation Center indexes grants for specific population groups whenever the intended beneficiary is noted or clear from the name and purpose of the recipient organization. Among those specified, children and youth benefited from more than 41% of Ohio human services grant dollars. Economically disadvantaged populations followed with nearly 30% of Ohio grant dollars.

Ohio-based human services funders favored program support, which encompasses program development, conferences and seminars, seed money, and electronic media and online services. And while non-Ohio human services funders favored general support, they were 20 times more likely to provide support for research than were Ohio funders.

For more information, see the full report on the Foundation Center's website.



GrantStation Newsletter Announces Grant Opportunities

GrantStation publishes a weekly electronic newsletter, The GrantStation Insider, that provides the latest information on new funding programs, upcoming grant deadlines, conferences, trainings, and relevant information for grantseekers. It's a quick and easy way to learn of national opportunities. If you would like to receive this at no cost courtesy of the GAR Foundation, send an email to .

Funds for Progressive Community Organizations
Singing for Change (SFC) Charitable Foundation
The Singing for Change (SFC) Charitable Foundation was created by Jimmy Buffett in 1995 and initially funded with contributions from his summer concert tour. The Foundation currently offers grants to progressive, community-based nonprofit organizations nationwide that address the root causes of social or environmental problems. SFC primarily funds projects that serve children and families; the environment; and disenfranchised groups, with emphasis on programs helping people overcome social or economic barriers to education or employment. Priority is given to organizations in cities where Jimmy Buffett performs. One-page letters of interest are accepted throughout the year. Visit the website listed above for detailed information on the application process.
Tracks to Success
Robin Hood Marketing Rules: Stealing Corporate Marketing Savvy to Promote Your Cause
Robin Hood Marketing Rules: Stealing Corporate Marketing Savvy to Promote Your Cause is a five-part series exclusive to GrantStation that demystifies winning marketing campaigns by reducing them to ten essential rules. The series also provides entertaining examples and simple steps for applying the rules ethically and effectively to good causes of all kinds. Katya Andresen, Vice President of Marketing at Network for Good, the Internet’s leading charitable giving site, developed the Robin Hood rules while working with dozens of local, national, and international causes in the United States, Eastern Europe, and Africa. The rules form the foundation of her recent book, Robin Hood Marketing. Visit her blog to learn more at www.nonprofitmarketingblog.com. To read the first article in the series, “The Heart of Robin Hood Marketing,” visit the GrantStation website.

For more information, visit www.grantstation.com.




Register for Upcoming Classes ...

Simulcast training ... select the venue that will work best for you: classroom or online!!

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Microsoft Word 2003/2007

  • Microsoft Excel 2003/2007

  • QuickBooks

  • FrontPage 2003

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Publisher

  • Quickies: SurveyMonkey, Improved Productivity, & Advanced Outlook


Classes are held simultaneously in our Training Lab at 703 South Main Street #211, Akron OH and online at http://projectconnect.webex.com

Click here to register for Training Lab classes
Click here to register for Online classes

  • Introduction to Computers 1: The Basics
    09/11/07 ... 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM  - ONE SEAT LEFT!

    • Learn important details like how to shut your computer off properly, mouse techniques, basic software procedures, and basic troubleshooting. Microsoft Explorer and file management will also be discussed. The skills in this course are critical to the successful completion of other courses. If you are unsure about your skill level, consider this course as a refresher. We promise that you'll learn at least 3 new things!

  • Introduction to Computers 2: Increasing Your Efficiency
    09/13/07 ... 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM  -ONE SEAT LEFT!

    • If you find yourself lost when looking for files you know are there—or if you need to know how to copy files from your hard drive to a floppy disk—this course is a must! We will go into more detail about Microsoft Explorer, which manages all your files. We will also discuss how to customize your computer using Windows' control panel settings and ways to increase your efficiency with the computer. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1: The Basics

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Microsoft Word 1: Document & Formatting Basics
    09/20/07 ... 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM  -ONLINE ONLY!

    • Learn how to set your options, use toolbars, format your text, change your page set-up, set tabs, use headers and footers, and more. After this course, you will be able to enter, format, and print letters, reports, proposals, etc., using tabs and page set-up. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2.

  • Microsoft Word 2: Tables, Merges & Macros
    10/04/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • This course is designed for those who feel they aren't using Microsoft Word to its full potential. Learn how to insert, format, and manipulate tables, as well as complete a mail merge. We'll also cover recording and using macros. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Word 1.

  • Microsoft Word 3: Forms & Advanced Tools
    10/11/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Learn how to design forms which you can send to staff, clients, volunteers, etc., to complete and return to you for tabulation. We will also cover advanced finds/replaces, special characters, and headers/footers. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Word 1 & 2.

  • Microsoft Word 4: Graphics & Brochures
    10/18/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • There's no need to buy an expensive desktop publishing package if you have Microsoft Word. Learn how to insert and manipulate graphics, use columns, and other cool tools. After this course, you will be able to develop professional-looking flyers and brochures. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Word 1, 2, and 3.

  • Microsoft Word 5: Newsletters
    10/25/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • A nonprofit's communication strategy should always include ongoing communications with its clients, client families, volunteers, donors, funders, etc. The most professional way is through newsletters. This course will focus on what you need to know to develop newsletters that get read. Prerequisite: skills covered in Word 1, 2, 3, 4.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Microsoft Excel 1: Spreadsheet & Chart Basics
    09/18/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Learn how to set your options, use toolbars, navigate through a spreadsheet, fill down and across, AutoSum, and more. After this course, you will be able to create a basic spreadsheet from scratch, write basic sum and average formulas, and create simple charts from your data. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2.

  • Microsoft Excel 2: Formulas
    09/25/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Learn how to enter and edit formulas-such as right and left, date and time, lookup, and IF statements. Also covers essential spreadsheet tools: grouping, naming, freeze/unfreeze panes, and references to other worksheets. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Excel 1.

  • Microsoft Excel 3: Advanced Tools
    10/02/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Learn essential spreadsheet tools: grouping, naming, freeze/unfreeze panes, and references to other worksheets. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Excel 2.

  • Microsoft Excel 4: Data Analysis Tools
    10/16/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • For those of you who are ready to go the next step: subtotals and pivot tables! These tools consolidate your data and point out critical relationships. Also, advanced chart techniques will be covered. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Excel 1, 2, & 3.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes



  • QuickBooks 1: Setting Up Your System
    11/13/07 ... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • According to our surveys, QuickBooks is used by more non-profits than any other accounting package. This class will cover setting up the QuickBooks system … including preferences, customers, accounts, etc. Even if you currently use QuickBooks, this class might be helpful in understanding your system.

  • QuickBooks 2: Statements & Reports
    11/20/07 ... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • This class will focus on entering and processing invoices, payments, deposits, etc. This will also cover printing simple financial reports which you can share with your board and funders.

  • QuickBooks 3: Donors & Grants
    1:00 PM -
    4:00 PM

    • After you've got the basics down, it's time to customize it for your organization's needs. This course is good for people who have been using QB for some time, or those who have completed courses 1 and 2 and are ready for more. We will also look at donor management and advanced grant tracking.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Microsoft PowerPoint 1: Slideshow Basics
    09/25/07... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • Learn how to set your options, use toolbars, use the different view options, use templates, set up a master slide, individualize slides, insert graphics, and more! After this course, you will be able to create a basic yet professional presentation with graphics. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2: Animation & Graphics
    10/02/07... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • Learn the more complex tools of PowerPoint, including the impressive animation settings. Prerequisite: Skills covered in PowerPoint 1.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Microsoft Publisher 1: The Basics
    10/16/07... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • Publisher is a terrific program for people who want to create professional-looking publications without having to know design: it has lots of templates which are easy to use. This course will cover the basics of Publisher so that you can do flyers and brochures. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Word 1.

  • Microsoft Publisher 2: Newsletters
    10/23/07... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • The focus of this course will be developing professional-looking newsletters for your organization. The focus is on understanding how to use frames to control your text flow. Forms will also be discussed. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Publisher 1.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Website Development & Management: A Hands-On Planning Course
    10/23/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Great websites just don't happen: they take a lot of planning and knowledge of theory. We will explore the options of website development, paying special attention to the differences between designing for paper vs. designing for the web. When you complete this course, you will have a good plan for your new or updated website. Then you can create it yourself or give your plan to your computer specialist.

  • Adobe PhotoShop: Graphics for the Web
    10/30/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Learn how to use PhotoShop's powerful tools to correct color balances in your scanned photos, crop and resize your images, and prepare them for the web. This includes special techniques for reducing the size of your images to reduce download time. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2

  • Microsoft FrontPage 1: Themes & Shared Borders
    11/13/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • We will cover the basics of FrontPage, the most popular website authoring software in the world! The focus will be on understanding how FrontPage works, designing themes, and using shared borders. After this course, you will be able to develop a simple but useful format for your organization's website. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2.

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2: Formatting Your Web Pages
    11/20/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • This is the nitty-gritty of developing a website: the pages themselves. We will cover importing and formatting text, using graphics, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and tables. With the skills in this course, you will be able to create different types of pages using the format developed in Microsoft FrontPage 1. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft FrontPage 1.

  • Microsoft FrontPage 3: Cool Tools
    11/27/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Now we explore the cool tools of FrontPage: forms, marquees, hover buttons, searches, etc. We will also discuss ways to make each attendee's website better and easier to use. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft FrontPage 1 & 2.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


  • Introduction to Microsoft Access: Data Entry & Other Basics
    09/18/07... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    • Reduce your frustration and increase your efficiency by learning the underlying logic behind this database program. This will also include data entry techniques and writing and using simple queries and reports. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Introduction to Computers 1 & 2.

    Click here to register for Training Lab classes
    Click here to register for Online classes


The Database Developers Series  ONLINE ONLY

Non-profits thrive on databases ... funding and services depend on the staff'' ability to obtain information about clients, donors, volunteers, etc. Microsoft Access is relatively easy to learn compared to other database applications, but it does take a lot of time and commitment.

After this set of courses, you will be able to set up and use practical databases for your organization.

Because each course is based upon the information presented in the previous session, we ask that you take all five in the series. Cost is $300 for the entire series.

  • Microsoft Access 1: Database Planning & Set-Up
    10/03/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • This first session will focus on identifying what needs to be included in a nonprofit-related database and how to structure it so that the database will be easy to use and easy to retrieve useful information. Attendees will plan the database they need for their own organization. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Excel 2.  

  • Microsoft Access 2: Database Tables & Relationships
    10/10/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • In the second session, we will actually set up the database planned in the previous session. Tables will be closely examined, especially field properties. We will also do quick searches, filters, and sorts. Relationships between tables will be a major focus. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Access 1 and completion of homework.

  • Microsoft Access 3: Database Queries & Basic Forms
    10/17/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • Queries are used to analyze data, combine data from different tables, and retrieve data from one or more tables using criteria you specify. Forms can be created to "pretty up" your data, make data entry easier, and combine data from different tables and queries. We will also integrate the data into Microsoft Word and Excel for file exchange and publication. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Access 2 and completion of homework.

  • Microsoft Access 4: Database Forms & Reports
    10/24/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • More extensive work on the forms will be covered. We will also cover creating and editing reports, which present your data in meaningful ways. Sub-forms and sub-reports will be discussed. Skills covered in Microsoft Access 3 and completion of homework.

  • Microsoft Access 5: Troubleshooting the Database
    10/31/07 ... 9:00 AM - Noon

    • This class will focus on troubleshooting the database and other useful tools. Also covers the important compact-and-repair tool. Prerequisite: Skills covered in Microsoft Access 4 and completion of homework.

    Click here to register for Online classes



Quickies Series

We're bringing back an old favorite: Quickies!! Unlike the regular half-day sessions, these one-to two-hour Quickies are down-and-dirty, learn-the-ropes-then-get-out-of-here-and-do-it-yourself courses.

  • Collecting Data the Easy Way: Taming the Survey Monkey! 
    10/30/07 ... 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    • Get important feedback from your clients, funders, community members, etc. Survey Monkey helps you gather and evaluate information about your programs, services, website, whatever!

  • Top Ten Tools to Improve Productivity
    11/18/07 ... 1:00 PM -
    3:00 PM

    • Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts!!! Two hours of your time will save you days of tedious labor!

  • Advanced Techniques for Managing Yourself & Your Staff Using Outlook
    11/11/07 ... 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    • This session focuses on keeping all those e-mail messages organized, staying on top of meetings and appointments with Calendar, and advanced Task management.

Click here to register for Training Lab classes
Click here to register for Online classes



Guest PC Tip:

Making the Internet Easier to Use (and See!)
Submitted by Michael Moats, ATP
Assistive Technology Manager
Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP)

For over ten years, Mike Moats has helped adapt computers for people who have disabilities. While helping those who have more obvious and distinct disabilities, he noticed that he can make it easier for those who have only modest problems while using the computer. These people do not define themselves as having a disability, but the Universal Access principles can experience more productive and satisfying. Please forward this information to any staff or clients who might benefit.

Universal Access Principles

Microsoft, along with other companies, has been striving to use Universal Access principles while designing their products. Universal Access is a philosophy that allows people with varying preferences and abilities to share the same experience. The new releases of Microsoft Vista, Office 2007, and Internet Explorer 7 have each incorporated features that allow for greater flexibility for the computer user.

Font and Pictures are Too Small – IE7 has an integrated zoom feature that is easily found at the bottom right corner of the webpage. Moving the magnification from the standard 100% to 125%, 150%, or anything higher, will enlarge the font size and the pictures within the webpage regardless of its original formatting. You can also independently alter the text size by going to Page-Text Size (or View-Text Size) and then choosing Large or Largest. This way you can enlarge the text while maintaining the original width of the webpage. (Note: This does not always work; certain websites are designed to display in one size only).

For the “Mouse-Haters” Club – Keyboard shortcuts are extremely helpful for people who are experiencing “mouse fatigue” particularly with the wrist. Keyboard shortcuts are also quicker to complete than taking your hand away from the keyboard to move and click the mouse. If your hands are already on the keyboard, then hitting CTRL +P and Enter is quicker than moving your hand to the mouse and clicking the Print icon then clicking OK.

Some of the most useful Internet Explorer shortcuts include:

  • ALT+D to highlight the address bar so you can immediately type in a new web address;

  • ESC to stop loading a webpage

  • CTRL+N to open a new internet window; Ctlt+T to open a new internet tab in IE7

  • CTRL+plus to zoom in

  • CTRL+minus to zoom out

  • CTRL+W closes the internet tab

  • ALT+F4 closes the internet window

Organizing Open Webpages – One of the features new to IE7 is the use of window tabs. If you are a person who quickly gets ten internet windows open, then using internet tabs appropriately will help you better manage information. Imagine a person starting at a headline news website and there are four stories to read and compare. Instead or opening them as separate windows, you can right click the hyperlink and open the story in a new tab. Now within a single browser page, I have the original and then the four companion stories. If I additionally wanted to have a financial site along with pages to track four particular stocks, I can maintain those five sites within a single browser window. My end result is having ten webpages open in only two windows.




Answers for sale!!

You and your staff have more important things to do than fight with your technology! Instead of spending hours of frustration trying to do it yourself, let us help you!

Project Connect offers Live Help for staff of all Ohio nonprofits! If you are having problems with a Microsoft Office or Adobe product, simply go to www.pclivehelp.org and complete the form. Follow the directions, and then we'll be able to see your computer from our office. We can then walk you through the problem.

Cost is $15 per increment of 10 minutes.





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Don't buy anything technology-related until you've visited these three websites first!! They offer significant discounts for nonprofits with Microsoft, Dell, CDW, Adobe, and more!





How can Project Connect help you?

As always, we are interested in hearing from you to learn how we can best meet your technology and connectivity needs. Give us a call at 330-315-1335 or e-mail us at .




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