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November 15, 2002

Tech Conference for Nonprofit Leaders

Software Discounts

Scams & Resources

Verizon Wants You to Apply for Free Training! 

Did You Know? Our Secrets for Better Computing

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Making Sense Out of a Wired World: OANO's Technology Conference for Nonprofit Leaders
December 16, 2003

Executive directors face a different set of technology issues than other staff members. Most executive directors are hired for programmatic rather than technological expertise, and in the technology arena are placed in the position of making decisions about staffing, hardware, software, policies, and planning in an information vacuum. OANO is hosting a one-day Technology Conference for Nonprofit Leaders on December 16 from 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM in Columbus. Sessions include:

  • Integrate Your Technology Plan with Your Strategic Plan
  • Your Technology Partner - Who to Hire and How to Make it Work
  • System Integration for Increased Productivity
  • Beyond the Basic Website
  • Technology Benchmarks and How to Get There
  • Success Stories

For more information, visit or contact Rick Moyers at 614-280-0233 or .


Are You Paying Too Much for Software?

Spread the word: there are three excellent national programs which offer special pricing for nonprofit organizations. All you need is a 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS to qualify. Here is a short list of the many products being offered:

    • Windows XP Professional - $55 for the first, $25 for the second
    • Microsoft Office XP Professional - $60 for the first license, $40 for up to 10 more
    • Microsoft Project 2002 - $60
    • Intuit QuickBooks - $25 for first CD, $15 for a 5 CD license pack
    • Microsoft FrontPage 2002 - $30 for the first license, $20 for the second
    • Has many of the same deals above, plus Adobe products for $35 each as well as hundreds of other popular programs
    • Symantec's Norton AntiVirus was so popular in 2002 that they had to suspend the program; make sure you are one of the first when the being the program again in January 2003
    • Also has special pricing on hardware, peripherals, office equipment and supplies
    • Check out their offerings for clothing, personal care items, building materials, sports and games, etc.
  • -
    • Buy larger quantities of Microsoft software (11 or more), as well as advanced titles such as CAL's and Server, through the Open Charity Licensing Program


Scam Alert: You Have Qualified for a Free Grant!

Also includes REAL resources for nonprofits!

Sounds too good to be true: a Free Grant Giveaway Program. Just send $29.95 ($39.95 - $69.95) to see if you qualify .. or for a list ... or to submit your application. I think I've received over 50 of these e-mails in the last 2 weeks, and they are targeting nonprofit staff throughout the country.

These offers are a scam. According to About.Com, the Free Grant Giveaway program doesn't exist. And there's an even greater danger than losing $30-$70: the websites that ask for your credit card number are not on secured servers.

There are some really good resources listed in the article about this recent scam, including Government Grants, Private Foundations, Free or Low Cost Medications, Government Resources for Nonprofits, etc. You can read the article at If you do not have internet access, schedule some time to use our computer lab so you can research these great resources.



Did you know ...

Microsoft Word has a default that converts all c's in parentheses to copyright symbols (©). Makes it mighty hard to type 501(c)(3)!

Word 3: Advanced Tools

bullet If you want to keep the feature available, then type Ctrl +Z every time it happens. (Ctrl +Z also works when it capitalizes words you don't want capitalized, numbers items you don't want numbered, etc.)
bullet To turn this feature off completely, go to Tools/AutoCorrect. One of the first items on the list is (c) and ©, Click on it and push the [Delete] key.
bullet Browse through this list and delete any others that make your life difficult. And feel free to add any which would make your work easier!


Register for Upcoming Classes

Register for upcoming classes as soon as possible. Call 330-315-1335 or e-mail . Cost is $40 per person for staff and volunteers of member organizations;$60 per person for staff and volunteers of non-member organizations.

bullet Microsoft Excel Series
Excel 3: Advanced Tools
11/20/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Microsoft PowerPoint Series
PowerPoint 2: Animation & Graphics
11/21/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet PhotoShop: Graphics for the Web
11/19/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Microsoft Outlook
12/03/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Intuit QuickBooks Series
12/05/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
12/12/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Introduction to Microsoft Access: Data Entry & Other Basics
12/04/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Intro to Computers 1: The Basics
12/11/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Intro to Computers 2: Increasing Your Efficiency
12/18/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
bullet Intro to the Internet
12/19/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Getting the Most from Your PDA (Palm OS)
12/17/02 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Visit for to see our training schedule for January - March 2003. Or call us at 330-315-1335 and we'll fax you a copy.


Verizon Funds Training

The Verizon Foundation—the philanthropic arm of Verizon Communications—is helping northeast Ohio nonprofits improve their use of computer technology by paying for their Project Connect training. Each eligible organization can apply for training for 3 staff members per organization; 3 classes per application; 3 applications per year. For directions on completing the application, visit

For the latest training schedule, visit



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