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Project Connect is trying something new: online computer training! And we are inviting you to attend our first class!

Project Connect Online Computer Training ...
Hands-on training classes designed specifically for nonprofit staff.


  • Project Connect offers classes "on demand": just send an e-mail to and we will add your name(s) to the list. As soon as we have enough folks registered, we'll schedule the class and let you know. This way, we can run whatever classes you need, when you need them!

  • This is how online training works:

    • Visit the and decide which classes you would like to take. Click on the [Registration] button. Enter your information into the form and click on the [Register] button again. Click [ok] and exit.

    • You will get a confirming email with all the information: date, time, session number, phone number, etc. Copy this to your calendar for 8:45 AM.

    • On the day before the class, I will send you the handouts for the class. Please print them and have them with you on Wednesday.

    • You must have the software loaded on the computer that you use to connect to the training session.

    • On the day of class at 8:45, sit comfortably at your own desk with the handouts and any necessary refreshments. Go to the email link that you pasted in your calendar. Fill in the information (the password is also in that information you pasted) and then join the session.

    • Once you join, you will be given a phone number to call. Call that number and enter the codes from the screen. DO NOT CALL ON SPEAKER PHONE!!

    • You will see my screen on your computer and be able hear me from your phone!

    • We'll keep the class to three hours with a break in the middle.

    • Get ready to have fun!!

  • Online training is limited to 12 students per class. Classes fill quickly, so be sure to register early. 

  • Cost is $60 per person per class. We will invoice you or you can call 330-315-1335 and pay by credit card.

  • The registration deadline is 2 business days before the class. Payment must be made by the date of the class; checks, cash, and Mastercard/Visa are accepted. Cancellations must be received by 4:00 pm two days before the class in order to be eligible for a refund. 

  • Those who register for a class but do not attend will be charged for that class.

  • If you attended a class previously in the past year, you can repeat the class at no charge.


Our Belief

Non-profit organizations can better serve their mission when they use technology and connectivity to increase efficiency and improve communications among their clients, other non-profit agencies, and the general community.

Our Mission

Assist non-profit organizations to better serve their mission through technology and connectivity by providing easy, affordable access to equipment and software, training, technical assistance, and website management.

Support the Nonprofit Community

Project Connect is partially funded by:

If you would like to support our efforts, please contact Jacquie Skrzypiec, Project Director, at 330-315-1335 or . For our 2006 Annual Report for Ohio Grantmakers, click here.



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