Child Care Center Checklist

This checklist will assist you in selecting the child care center that best suits your needs. We encourage a minimum of two visits to individual child care centers in your selection process.

Center # 1 Center # 2













Hours/days of program


Hours/days of program

Cost of program   Cost of program

Parent's Role

Choosing an early childhood center is one of many important decisions you will make for your child. Choose carefully, keeping in mind what is best for your family.

Visit at least two programs before you decide.

Call several centers to find out hours and days of operations, ages of children served and cost of each program. Consider location and transportation needs and then make appointments with those that seem most promising.

Listening & do you hear?



Special greetings for each child by name at arrival?
Words of sincere praise and encouragement?
Interesting conversations (not just yes/no talk) between adults and children?
Adults giving directions in words a child can understand?
Children singing and laughing?
Adults sharing news with a parent about a child's day?

Looking & do you see?


Adults working at child's eye level?    

An adult helping a sad or angry child feel better?


Adults offering positive guidance when a child misbehaves?


Adults encouraging new skills?


Smiles and happy play?


A book center filled with interesting books?

A daily schedule of activities?
A variety of age-appropriate toys?

Art materials creatively used?

Water and sand play?

Car, truck, and block play?

Dress-up clothes, role playing toys and materials?

Boys and girls playing together?

Good lighting?

Children's artwork displayed?

Asking & Be sure to talk with the director and staff. Ask anything you want to learn more about. Also check these points:


 Is their Ohio State License up-to-date?    

Have the director and head teacher had early childhood training?


Do the teachers meet regularly to plan and evaluate the program?


Does the center make use of any resources and services offered by the community?


Is parent involvement encouraged?


Do parents receive frequent information about their children's progress or about activities at the center?

Are there written policies for giving medication to children?
What is the policy on sick children?

What is the policy on releasing children from the Center?

Do you feel welcome at any time?

Does the staff enjoy working with children?

Do the adults actively listen to the children?

Are individual needs and interests of children being met?

Are other parents comfortable talking with the staff?

Do the children appear happy and interested?

Would I like to spend my day here if I were a child?


Child Care Connection does not endorse, rate, recommend, or evaluate child care resources, programs, or providers and therefore, Child Care Connection does not assume, warrant, or guarantee quality care. Any information about a caregiver/provider has been provided solely by that caregiver/provider. Child Care Connection believes that consumers are in the best position to evaluate and choose resources evaluate and choose resources appropriate to their child's needs.


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