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Family Child Care

Family Child Care is care for children in the home of an unrelated person. Many people choose this type of care because it is a home environment, usually costs less, has more flexible hours, cares for less children in the group, and has the same caregiver each day.

Selecting child care can be a difficult task. Therefore, Child Care Connection's goal
is to provide education and counseling on how to choose quality care.

Parent's Role



After you have the names of several home providers, call each of them. During this phone call, discuss the ages of your children, days and hours you need care, fees charged, and when care needs to start. Set up an appointment to visit the homes of those that sound as if they will meet your needs.


During your visit, you will want to observe how the caregiver interacts with your child and the other children in his/her care. Notice too, how your child reacts to the caregiver. Take time to observe the surroundings. You will want to consider several factors as you evaluate each home provider.


It is important to know:

  • The State of Ohio regulations for child care.
    (Refer to back of flier)
  • A provider in the State of Ohio can choose to be:

    • Listed with Child Care Connection (Call 330-376-7706 or 1-800-407-KIDS for verification.)

    • A participant in the Ohio Department of Education Child and Adult Care Food Program.

    • County Certified

    • Licensed by the State of Ohio to care for seven to twelve children. (Licensed Type A).

Does the home provider:

  • Greet the child and parent warmly?

  • Laugh with, talk, and listen to each child?

  • Use positive discipline?

  • Give love and attention to each child?

  • Participate in on-going, in-service training on issues relating to the care of children?

  • Share the same views on crying, feeding, discipline, schedules, and toilet training as you do?

  • Encourage independence?


Ask About ...


Is there a contract or other statement pertaining to:

  • Fees and when payment is due?

  • Transportation permission?

  • Discipline policies?

  • Substitute care in case of emergency or illness?

  • Vacation and holidays?

  • Items to be furnished by the parent?

A contract or business agreement between you and the caregiver may help avoid future conflict.


Ask for references from each potential provider. Call these references yourself. Be sure they seem satisfied with the provider. Listen to the tone of voice as well as the answers to your questions. Ask the reference:

  • Is this person reliable and responsible?

  • Does this person like children?

  • What did you like the most/least about this person?

  • Would you choose this person again?

  • Did your child like this provider?

Family Child Care & The Law

The family child care homes listed with Child Care Connection have complied with a notarized self assessment, called the Provider Registration, containing the following items:

  • The provider must be at least 18 years old and has cared for children at least six months as a parent or in another child care setting.

  • The provider can watch no more than six children at one time, including her own children under the age of 6, and no more than three of these children can be under 2 years old.

  • Neither the provider nor any person living in or frequently in the home:

    • has ever been charged with child abuse, neglect or child endangerment.

    • has ever caused a child to need protective custody.

    • will use alcohol or narcotics while caring for children.

  • The provider will not be involved in any activities during working hours that would interfere with the care of the children.

  • Each family child care provider is required to submit two letters of reference.


Ohio State Law allows a family child care home provider to care for no more than six children. Only three of them may be under the age of two. This includes the provider's own children under the age of six. A family child care home caring for six or less children is not regulated unless it receives government funds for the care of children. Thus, it is very important for you, the parent, to visit and evaluate any homes you are considering using. If the home is caring for seven to twelve children, it must be licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.


Child Care Connection does not endorse, rate, recommend or evaluate child care resources, programs, or providers and therefore, Child Care Connection does not assume, warrant, or guarantee quality care. Any information about a caregiver/provider has been provided solely by that caregiver/provider. Child Care Connection believes that consumers are in the best position to evaluate and choose resources appropriate to their child's needs.

Use Child Care Connection's checklist to evaluate the environment of family child care homes.


Part of a state-wide network of referral agencies, Child Care Connection serves Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Summit, Stark, and Trumbull Counties in Ohio.

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