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Family Child Care Checklist

This checklist will assist you in selecting the child care home that best suits your needs. We encourage a minimum of three visits to individual child care homes in your selection process.

Environment and Safety

For the safety of the children, the provider should ensure that the home is safe and in good repair. Check the home for the following:




Is the home bright, cheerful and clean?

Is children's artwork displayed and at the child's eye level?

Are there areas for quiet and active play?

Are cleaning supplies and other dangerous substances placed out of reach of children?

Are toxic materials and medicines safely stored?

Are operable smoke and fire detectors installed on each floor?

Are all electrical outlets covered?

Are all areas used for child care in good condition?

Is the kitchen equipped with an operable fire extinguisher?

Is there a working telephone in the home?

Is there an emergency, fire evacuation, and tornado plan posted in the home?

Are fire drills practiced and a list kept with dates and times?

Does the home have two exits to the outside?





Are there a variety of objects to stimulate the senses of sight, hearing, and touch?

Are the toys adequate, age appropriate, and clean?

Are the toys large enough to prevent choking?

Are there high chairs with seat belts for young children and child sized tables and chairs for older children?

Is the equipment child sized?

Are toys and materials easy for children to reach?

 Are there toys for different kinds of play?

  • books
  • puzzles
  • blocks
  • music
  • art supplies
  • sand and water
  • science experiments
  • dress-up clothes


Does each child have his/her own crib or bed for naptime?


The provider should have available at all times an up-to-date first aid kit which contains items such as:




Syrup of Ipecac

Sterile gauze pads and surgical tape

Bandages and scissors

Cotton swabs

Medicine dropper or spoon

Thermometer for axillary use only  (for use under the arm)

Are the children's health records complete and on file?

Are emergency phone numbers and the parents' emergency numbers posted by the phone?

Are ill children isolated, supervised, and parents called immediately?





The provider supplies and maintains enrollment records for each child in care. Records will include Emergency Medical Release Forms, Allergy Awareness Forms, Health Report, Immunization Record, Family History Forms, and Emergency Contact Persons with current information.
The provider posts all emergency numbers near the phone: 911, Child Abuse Hotline, Poison Control Center, and emergency numbers for all parents.
The Provider supplies an emergency plan, which includes substitute care for children in the event of serious injury or emergency, the phone number of another adult who can be contacted immediately and can come to the home within minutes, if necessary.
The provider gives parents information that includes the daily program and developmentally appropriate activities for each age group.
The provider does not use physical punishment or harsh discipline when handling behavior problems with the children.
The provider documents in writing his/her responsibilities and expectations to the parents.



Child Care Connection does not endorse, rate, recommend or evaluate child care resources, programs, or providers and therefore, Child Care Connection does not assume, warrant, or guarantee quality care. Any information about a caregiver/provider has been provided solely by that caregiver/provider. Child Care Connection believes that consumers are in the best position to evaluate and choose resources appropriate to their child's needs.

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